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The 2013 World Education Games Ambassadors represent their countries on the world stage, promoting the values and spirit of the events in their country however they can. Keep up to date with their activities via The Official World Education Games Blog.

Name: Benjamin
Age: 12
School: United Nations International School (Queens Campus)
Sports: Baseball
Music: B.O.B
Future Career: Chef or Restaurant Owner
What do you love about your country?
I love how my country, the USA, gives people the freedom of speech, belief and thought. Without these political and emotional facets of life, living can be a very hard task, making it hard to enjoy the life you live.
Name: Kevin
Age: 13
School: St. Therese Catholic School
Sports: Soccer
Music: Classic Rock
Future Career: Doctor
What do you love about your country?
I love my county because I have free rights. I can talk about my religious beliefs whenever I want. I also love all the different sport teams in America. Those are some of the reasons I love my country.
Name: Laura
Age: 9
School: Charter School at Waterstone
Sports: Swimming
Music: The Beatles
Future Career: A scientist
What do you love about your country?
I love this country because we have freedom and our human rights are respected. It also gives us many opportunities to reach our goals.
Name: Nishant
Age: 12
School: New Albany Middle School
Sports: Tennis
Music: Piano
Future Career: Surgeon
What do you love about your country?
The USA is a melting pot of different cultures and people which help us learn about the world around us. It has a lot of diversity which brings fun to family and friends. I love that all children in the country get an education and help to make the Earth a better place.
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