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The World Education Games is an annual global online challenge to get all students (4-18 years of age) excited about learning, and to give the top students in all schools an opportunity to see how they measure up against the best in the world. Last year, over 5 million students were a part of what is now the world’s largest online education event.

The World Education Games are completely free to register for and participate in.

Split over three days and focussing on literacy, mathematics and science, the World Education Games is a hugely exciting and engaging way to promote learning and education across the world. Our partners UNICEF and Samsung work with us to promote our key messages of education for all. Check out the HISTORY tab above to read more about the story and legacy of the Games.
1 February - The Games platform opens for registrations and the official warm-up period for students begins.
5 March* - World Literacy Day
6 March* - World Maths Day
7 March* - World Science Day
26 March - Global award presentations begin with the Official World Education Games Awards Ceremony, to be held in 2013 at the Sydney Opera House.

*Note - events begin as soon as it is the designated start date anywhere in the world. Based on your geographic location, this may be the previous calendar day in your country.

Be sure to check the “EVENT TIMES” tab above for your local time zone.
Students will achieve dramatic improvement in core skills and have fun at the same time!

Over the last 5 years, students have shown an average improvement of over 30% in speed and accuracy, making it a powerful way to improve core computation, number and spelling skills.

The questions within World Science Day take a unique and fun approach, designed to foster curiosity and excitement about science, whilst helping students to improve their ability to answer knowledge, application and reasoning questions.
No - it couldn’t be easier! Registration on the site is quick and simple – and a single registration covers all three events.

Once you have registered, we will send you an email on how to get started. All your students need to participate is Internet access.

The World Education Games is powered by Mathletics, Spellodrome and IntoScience.

If you or your school has a subscription to any of these learning platforms, you will have been automatically registered and can sign in with your username and password.

If not, registration is simple and free via the World Education Games website.
Once registered, students have access to their own personal online World Education Games portal from which they can participate in all 3 events from school and home.

When a student enters a challenge, they are matched in real time with up to 3 other students of similar age and ability from anywhere in the world in exciting live challenges. Students earn points for correct answers, with their personal tally growing as they complete the challenges.

On World Maths and Literacy Days, students progress through 5 levels of difficulty and earn 1 point for every correct answer. Each game lasts for 1 minute.

World Science Day is slightly different – with 3 levels of difficulty within each challenge. The easier knowledge questions are worth 1 point, and the harder application and reasoning questions worth 2 and 3 points. The questions take a unique and fun approach to science, designed to foster curiosity and excitement.
Definitely not. The World Education Games have been specifically designed to be fair and inclusive for all – regardless of location, access to a computer or amount of time available.

Only the scores from a student’s first 50 games are counted towards their competition points tally.

Each game lasts for 1 minute, so full participation takes only 1hr (approx. 2hrs for World Science Day). This can be done in several sittings over the 48hrs of the event.

Starting early in the day, finishing late, or completing a large number of games gives no advantage and ensures all students globally have a fair and equal event.
The World Education Games have been created for students aged 4 - 18 years. The age categories for students and teachers are:

Junior Primary/Elementary: Ages 4 to 7
Primary/Elementary: Ages 8 to 10
Middle: Ages 11 to 13
Senior/High: Ages 14 to 18

For mixed-aged classes: Your class's age category should reflect the age of 50% or more of your students. For example: A class of 20 students, which has 14 students who are 7 years old, and 6 students who are 8 years old, would participate in the ages 4-7 category. A student's age is calculated as at 4 March 2013.

There is also an adult age category (19+), though only students in the 4-18 age categories are eligible for prizes. Adults play just for fun!
Wherever possible, we encourage whole schools to register, however schools can register as many or as few students as they wish. Please note that class sizes are limited to 45 students.

When the class size is 20 students or less, the class score is the cumulative total for all students. When classes have more than 20 students, the class score is calculated as the average mean score for all students, multiplied by 20.

This scoring is designed to give classes of all sizes an equal chance of winning.

The event is open to all school-aged children. Wherever possible, we encourage whole schools to register.

Parents can also register home-schooled students or those whose school has chosen not to participate.
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